Customized Chinese Course in Singapore

Based on your needs, training contents are customized individually for you. You can choose any topic you are interested in : Pingyin, composition, grammar, culture of Chinese, China city introduction, Chinese songs and etc. We apply you one stop Mandarin Chinese solutions.

Based on your time, we provide you with flexible learning hours, and also you can take your course at home, your meeting room or even a coffee shop. Our teachers will monitor your learning progress and keeping you always motivated.

Based on your Chinese language level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) there is a variety of training aids such as books, CDs, video, Chinese Cards and software to help you develop or improve your Chinese Mandarin language skills.

  • Personalized training: each one of our Chinese courses is personalized and the trainer is entirely focused on your specific Chinese language training needs.

  • Custom approach: content is based on your individual's goals, learning styles and needs for Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese communication competency. Your specific industry Chinese business language is included.

  • Convenient and flexible: your Chinese lessons can be provided anyplace (office, home, or at a convenient off-site training facility), anytime and anywhere.

  • Highly qualified trainers: Kirin Mandarin's language trainers are exclusively career professionals with four to twenty years of Chinese language training experience. The best in the industry!

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