Business Chinese course in Singapore

     It can be said that business is the basis of human relationships. The opportunity to interact with people beyond our own "hometown experience" is both a growing necessity and a challenging adventure. Business never stops. Journeying from one country to another becomes easier every day. business Companion: Chinese is written for people in the global marketplace of today's world.

    The primary aim of our Business Mandarin course, then, is to provide you with the tools to put language to work for you, even if you don't have the time for a step by step language course. Whether you at home ,in your meeting room,or even in cafe, our teacher will come to your place and help increase your business self-confidence and help you develop the power of using a foreign language. 
    The second, and subtler purpose of Kirin business mandarin  is to offer you proven and effective ways to communicate the keywords and phrases themselves. This aim has to do with enhancing your global communication skills. Whenever business leaders ask us to help them and their companies create, shape and sustain a new organizational culture, I try to help them use the talents, insights and creative energy of their employees. In guiding this collective leadership effort, I am amazed at how broad and deep is the desire for learning one of the core competencies of global business today: key words and phrases in a foreign Language. Developing your foreign language skills and practicing them in the context of the scenarios in our course will improve your chances for business success.
   To assume that English is the only language necessary for successful business interactions is to limit yourself to fewer growth possibilities and maybe even to offend potential clients or associates. In fact, speaking the words and phrases of another language is only part of the equation to more effective communication.
    Just as important is your understanding of them when they are used in dialogue. When you begin to learn, mark, speak the mandarin, you will be seen as a person willing to expand your communication horizons beyond what’s comfortable. You will reveal an intellectual curiosity that will gain the respect of your business partners and your colleagues.

Mandarin is not only an ability, but also gives us a new horizon.

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