Conversational Chinese course in Singapore

In Conversational Chinese Courses, you will receive systematic spoken Chinese training from our native-speaking professional teachers.

We have four levels of well-designed course from beginners to advanced according to the demand of different level in your needs.

Level I: Getting Started

This part familiarizes you with some basics of Chinese: how to pronounce words, how to create the proper pitch (also known as tone) for each word, and so on. Because Chinese is a tonal language, if you pronounce a word with an incorrect tone, you may say a whole different word. Sometimes the only way to know whether you’ve said something you didn’t intend is by the look on the listener’s face, so you should pay particular attention to the tones as you speak.

Level II: Chinese in Action

In this part, you really begin to use Chinese. Instead of focusing strictly on grammar, this part helps guide you through everyday situations that you encounter while meeting people, eating at restaurants, going shopping, or yakking on the phone.

Level III: Chinese on the Go

This part of the courses gives you the tools you need to use Chinese in any number of practical settings. You find out how to change money, how to ask for and give directions, how to book a room at a hotel, and how to tell a doctor what ails you. It covers all aspects of travel into Chinese-speaking parts of the world. Whether your travels take you all the way to Shanghai or just to your cubicle at work is up to you.

Level IV: Think like a Chinese

In Level IV courses you will catch a collection of simple phrases you can use, popular Chinese expressions, and reminders of what not to do in a Chinese setting that you should always keep in the back of your mind as you interact with the Chinese. You not only sound more like a native Chinese speaker when you open your mouth, but you also start internalizing some of the cardinal cultural rules and taboos for social settings that the average student of the Chinese language may never discover.

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